Please find enclosed a partial list of companies which have requested to resell our Excel-based Solutions over the years. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all of the companies reselling User Solutions’ offerings. In addition, we are continually looking for complementary sites which offer Excel solutions for a variety of applications. If you know of such sites, we would greatly appreciate your telling us about them. We have chosen the leader in Ecommerce solutions, RegNow (also called Digital River and MyCommerce) to manage the ordering and delivery process to ensure our customers are backed by the finest of companies. If you can recommend a complementary site for us to partner with, and we are able to work together, we will gladly offer you a $100 product credit to use as you wish (direct on Thank you for your consideration.

1global 29-Jun-12
5Cup Co., Ltd 11-Aug-04 & 18-Dec-02
Afalina Co. Ltd. 4-Apr-03
All Software Tools, Inc. 12-Oct-04
Aparajayah 2-Aug-12
BestShareware Networks 1-Mar-07
BH Media 23-Dec-08
Biggest Coupon Code 20-Nov-12
bizpep 28-Feb-04
Business Assistance 30-Jun-07
Business Spreadsheets 9-Jan-03
BusySoftOrder 26-Apr-03
charleykyd 2-Jul-05
Co-op Web Hosting 5-Jan-03 24-Jan-11
convertzone 8-May-04
CPR International, Inc. 14-Aug-04
Dave Hawley 28-Aug-02
dayseeker 26-Aug-09
Deprice 3-Jan-05
Discount Guide 18-Jan-06
Discoveres 25-May-06
Doug Tyrrell 22-Mar-03
Download2you 19-Dec-04
Downloads Portal 19-Aug-06
downloadsoftfree company 30-May-09
Efreedown 24-Feb-05
Encryptomatic llc dba 3-Dec-03
eurgbp2011 5-Feb-12
FilesForFree 14-Jun-06 15-Mar-04 22-Nov-04 24-Oct-04 11-Nov-03
Free Shareware Depot 12-Feb-08 24-Jun-12 2-Aug-12
GuideChart 21-Dec-08
Holomedia 25-Oct-06
Hotwinfiles 11-Nov-02
Macro Systems 1-Mar-02
Mindaugas Lipskas 4-Nov-05
ModelAdvisor 16-Apr-03
MR Dashboard 5-Aug-08
Multimedia Software 25-Oct-12
OfficeToolTips 5-Oct-09
PC2DOWNLOAD.COM 10-Jul-07 6-Oct-10 3-Aug-09
Sensible Software Solutions 3-Oct-06
Shareup LLC 15-May-03
Shareware River 21-Mar-04 24-Aug-02 24-Sep-03
Sheryl Wiesner 15-Dec-12
Sidtan Chompookaew 7-Jan-08
Simplified Office Solutions 8-May-07 28-Oct-02
Softisland Inc. 18-Nov-02
Softisland Inc. 17-Jul-08
Softpile  28-Dec-02
Softsia 23-Feb-04 1-May-06
Software Source 1-Nov-03 Pty Ltd 2-Jun-11
SoftwareArchives 6-May-05 10-Nov-06
Synany Systems 25-Nov-03
The Softdll Team 29-Mar-05
theXLgrid 20-Jan-12
TomDownload 14-Jun-06
Top10shareware 2-Sep-06
TrialSoftwareDownloads 24-Sep-09
tumsoft 9-May-12
XLMacros 30-Jul-08
YaoDownload 22-May-06