Operations Manager

Production and Operations Management Templates ideal for introduction to Production Planning, Production Scheduling, Material Requirements Planning, Inventory Management and Quality Control techniques.  All formulas are in Excel with full documentation.  You can view full documentation then order a single template, group per section, or entire package.

Simple exponential smoothing Info $5 Buy Now
Smoothing linear, exponential, and damped trends Info $5 Buy Now
Ratio-to-moving-average seasonal adjustment Info $5 Buy Now
Difference-to-moving-average seas. adj. for mo. data Info $5 Buy Now
Complete Forecasting package Doc $10 Buy Now
Inventory Management
Economic order quantity Info $5 Buy Now
EOQ with backorders Info $5 Buy Now
EOQ with quantity discounts Info $5 Buy Now
EOQ for production lot sizes Info $5 Buy Now
Reorder points and safety stocks Info $15 Buy Now
Complete Inventory Management Package Doc $10 Buy Now
Material Requirements Planning
MRP Inventory Plan Info $5 Buy Now
Period-Order-Quantity Info $5 Buy Now
Complete MRP Package Doc $10 Buy Now
Production Planning
Aggregate production planning Info $5 Buy Now
Run-Out Time production planning Info $5 Buy Now
Learning curves Info $5 Buy Now
Complete Production Planning Package Doc $10 Buy Now
Facility Location
Center-of-Gravity method for locating dist. cntrs
Complete Facility Location Package Doc $5 Buy Now
Job sequencing for a single work station Info $5 Buy Now
Job sequencing for 2 work stations in a series Info $5 Buy Now
Job sequencing for 3 work stations in a series Info $5 Buy Now
Complete Scheduling Package Doc $10 Buy Now
Quality Control
Acceptance Sampling Info $5 Buy Now
Control chart for mean and range Info $5 Buy Now
Control chart for individual observations Info $5 Buy Now
Control chart for perfect defective Info $5 Buy Now
Control chart for number of defects Info $5 Buy Now
Control limit calculator Info $5 Buy Now
Complete Quality Control Package Doc $10 Buy Now
Analysis of Waiting Lines
Single-Server Queues Info $5 Buy Now
Multi-Server Queues Info $5 Buy Now
Complete Analysis of Waiting Lines Doc $10 Buy Now
Complete Operations Manager Package Doc $39.00 Buy Now

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