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Press Releases

8/31/2016Scheduling System Narrows Skills Gap for Fire-Rated Glass Resource Manager-DB
6/9/2016Resource Manager-DB V6 Innovates Li-ion Battery Production Scheduling Resource Manager-DB V6
5/10/2016User Solutions, Inc. named as one of top ERP Solutions Transforming Business 2016 by CIO Applications, as they celebrate 25 years in business. User Solutions, Inc.
10/30/2014Small Manufacturer and Job Shop Uses Planning, Scheduling, and Tracking Tools from User Solutions, Inc. to Become More Efficient and Competitive Production Planning Products
10/7/2014Advanced Production Planning, Scheduling, and Tracking Features Released in Resource Manager-DB v2015 RMDB
5/8/2014Spreadsheet Scheduler v2014 Supports Tablet Gantt Charting & Project Management Spreadsheet Scheduler
4/24/2014User Solutions Enables iPad to Manage Operations Plus New Upward Migration Path to Advanced Planning & Scheduling Systems Operations Manager
2/1/2014Production Scheduling is easy with Resource Manager-DB v2014 by User Solutions RMDB
12/12/2013Resource Manager for Excel v.2013: ‘Production Scheduling Made Easy’ Release by User Solutions, Inc. Resource Manager for Excel
6/1/2013Cooler Manufacturer Stays that Way with Better Production Scheduling Software from User Solutions RMDB
10/31/2012User Solutions, Inc. Announces Production Scheduling Applications Compatible Across Popular Microsoft Platforms User Solutions
8/31/2012Operations Management Students Use Sample Production Scheduling Programs From to Solve Real-world Manufacturing Challenges User Solutions

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